My arts journey starts here
4 black and white 2D designs



Hi, guys!! This is my first post. I was made black and white 2D designs. There are 3 shape choices: square, triangle, and circle. So, I choose square. And for the design, for the first design, I inspired by frictional of tiles. One day, I saw the tiles in my terrace got broken and form the frictional, and it is inspired me to do the design from that moment. For the second design, I inspired by the pattern of swimming pool tiles. And for the third design, I inspired by the falling boxes. So, one day, I saw a child trying to get her toy box on a cupboard. So, she trying to pull her toy box, but makes the other boxes fell because she nudge the boxes. So, the squares remind me of those falling boxes moment. And for the last design, I inspired by the combination of mirrors.


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