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Japanese Binding-comping techniques assignment
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Here are the steps of making a book with japanese binding style:PicsArt_1436966182965

Hi,guys.. I was assigned to make 3 japanese binding books (A4,A5,A6). For te cover of the books, I inspired by doodles, tumblr quotes, and water color art:

download (1) download (2) download

1. First, prepare for the materials. The materials needed are: A4 papers ( serve papers as much as possible), needle, cutter,binder clip, cupboard, scissors, pencil, ruler, cutting mat, pliers, nails & hammer/drill, thread, and decoration (if needed).

2. Second, cut the A4 papers into half (into A5 size (14.8 cm x 21.0 cm))

3. Continue to cutting the paper as much as possible

4.To make it interesting, slip some color papers into the other papers. For example slip one color paper after each 6 papers. Continue doing this until you think it is enough.

5. Then, using a ruler and a pencil, mark 4 sewing stations. The four sewing stations are at least 1/8 from the spine edge. Station 1 is at least 1/2 up from the tail and station 4 is at least 1/2 from the head. And for station 2 and 3 are equally spaced between.

6. Then, you can start pierce sewing stations. You can use drill or a hammer and nail.  To make it easy, use a binder clip. So that the papers do not move.

7. After piercing sewing stations, you can thread the needle and tie a know at the end. Begin at station 2. Pull your needle through station 2 and pull snug. Wrap your needle around the spine and back through station 2. Then, go to station 1. Do the same thing as what did you do at station 2. Wrap needle around head to front cover. Go to station 1. Then, continue to station 2,3 and 4. Wrap around tail to front cover, then continue to station 4. Go back to station 3 and wrap around spine and back through station 3. And then, go to station 2 and tie a square knot.

8. Then, to make the book cover interesting, you can decorate the book cover by drawing something or wrapping the book cover by a pattern paper.

A book with Japanese binding style is ready to use.

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