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Grassy Production
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Hi, guys.. I was assigned to think about my new typeface and think what will i do with my new typeface to be promoted. So, I decide my fonts to be grass style like this:

20150915_210920Then, I started to think which items to promote my fonts. So, I stared at my blog title, my chair, my vase, my t-shirt, my lamp, my ruler, and other things. I made my fonts to be stick on the things which will be promoted  such as mug, t-shirt, chair, etc. Some of the arrangements, I inspired  by the cartoon movie called “Word World” .images

So, here is the result of the items:

20150801_210721But then, I choose only 5 different types of merchandises:

20150915_211236Then, in order to make it easy for me to make the merchandises, I started to think about making a moodboard. Moodboard contains the planning for our design. It can be the plan of which color will the best to be used in my merchandises or which items will be useful to be used or which item is more connected to grass. Here is my moodboard for now:


Anyway, I have fixed my typefaces so that it looks more like grass fonts, and here is the sample of the logo I made:


Anyway, for the stopmotion I have been tried to draw my storyboard. So, my stopmotion will be about the journey of my grass font. The story begins with a bald kid named SAM. He is very sad because tomorrow is his first day of middle school. He is standing in front of grass and looking at it. Then, the grass spread up and form a word “Grassy” on Sam’s head. Sam is really happy, because finally he is no longer bald.Then, he is trying to modify his hair so that the word changes to “SAM”, which states his name. While, his sister is eating vegetable and she does not know what her brother doing, and same, his brother does not know that his sister is eating vegetable, whereas she never eat vegetables. Then, on the first day of his middle school life, people already know that his name is Sam just from his hair. After looking at Sam’s hair, many students want hair like Sam’s. Then, they  go to the grass which Sam was standing yesterday. Then, they are looking at it, and then the grass form words which state their name. They are really happy. Then, the news about Sam’s hair was spread faster around the city, and then around the world. It is suddenly become a trend. Here are some scene of the stopmotion:

Displaying 20150917_193209.jpg

Displaying 20150917_193301.jpg

Displaying 20150917_193352.jpg

Displaying 20150917_193517.jpg

Displaying 20150917_193627.jpg

Displaying 20150917_193802.jpg

Displaying 20150917_193901.jpg

Displaying 20150917_194056.jpg

Displaying 20150917_194244.jpg

Displaying 20150917_200144.jpg

Displaying 20150917_200046.jpg

Displaying 20150917_200821.jpg

Displaying 20150917_200929.jpg

Displaying 20150918_193753.jpg

Anyway, I am just started to make my merchandises. So, I planned to produce 2 stickers,a box,a postcard, a book, and a vase. So, I produced a calendar, a comb, a tiny vase, a postcard, and 2 book marks. I have the photo of the merchandises. Here you go:



My teacher also gave us a task to make our A2 typeface poster in order to promote our typeface. So, I made my promotion poster with the name of “GRASSY PRODUCTION” with my characters which promote my typeface. My main characters are the grassy boys named Jonathan and Robert. Their names state on their head which forming a grassy hair. Here is the layout of my poster:


Anyway, I got feebacks from my teacher in QC session. Here are the list of what the things which need to fix.

  • I should change my digital drawing to my hand drawing for the merchandises.
  • I should make the typeface clearer when I put it on my merchandises.
  • Change my paper for postcard.
  • Add typeface on both eyes for my A2 Poster.

Then, after trying to fix those all, This is my final merchandises. So, I add bookmark to my merchandise list. I made 3 bookmarks.

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