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Commenting on typography posters
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Hi, guys! Today, I need to share about my favorite typography posters. So, i need to choose 5 posters, and here are my chosen posters:typoI like this poster by . I like this poster , because it looks simple but creative. The artist uses string to form word “Time” . And to make it looks full, the artist plays with the string to decorate the word “Time” to be more interesting and the decoration looks like a lane of forming a flower and it looks nice to see. This poster remains me of how important is the time.


This poster was made by I like cute pets. Firstly, I like this poster because its theme is pet.The writings forming a wall for the cat to stand. This poster has a cool arrangement of fonts. There are some kind of fonts which are larger, medium, and smaller than others, but this typography fonts are some are hard to be read, maybe because of wrong letter spacing. I learned something from its quote too. I learned that we need to have a high dream.

typo3This poster was made by .I like fashion too. So, this poster makes me interested and stared at it. There are some words which are cropped and can not be read by people, and so that the people do not know what is the meaning of this typography poster (the full quote). Overall,  this poster inspires me of making a dress which patterned with fonts in its full dress like this

typo4I like this poster because of its idea. This was made by Paul Renner on 1982. So, he use the alphabet letters to make this typography. He uses letter “A” and “Z” to be the place to fill the alphabets. The letter “A” was rotated for about 180 degrees from the original letter “A”.

typo5I got this poster from . I like the concept of this typography poster. Its concept is to forming a person with a mouse head with the writings which fulfill the person’s body and head. But, this typography fonts are some are hard to be read, maybe because of wrong letter spacing, especially, for the writings which forming the person’s hands. But, overall this typography poster is cool.


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