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Making Objects by Adobe Illustrator

Hi,guys! I assigned to make some objects by the same shapes for my creation. There are some examples to be inspired and they are a sun  which made by  some squares and you just can be play with the squares until it shaped like a sun. And another example is a monkey’s face. You an just play with some circles shape and for the monkey’s face, you can “GROUP” the 3 circles and then intersect them , so that the 3 circles become a monkey’s face. Then, you can paint for the colors of monkey’s face. So, I also made my creations, such as an android in an ice-cream cone, a pig clip art, a woman’s face and an android logo. So, here are the results:Print



I would like to tell you how to make the android logo. First, I made the android’s head by combining a circle with a rectangle. So, I “group” them and I choose pathfinder and I click intersect or crop. Then, for its body, I made it from a round-rectangle combining with a rectangle. And same like the head, just click pathfinder and click intersect or crop. But, if it is hard for you, you can just erase the rectangle. And for its hands, legs, antenna, you can combining a rectangle with 2 circles. But, after  you grouped the 3 shapes and after you choose pathfinder, you can click “add” , so the 3 shapes combined together. You can copy the shape that you made by click the center of the shape, then click “alt” while you still clicking on the center of the shape and then move the shape while still clicking on the center of the shape and “alt”, then drag it wherever you want. Do it again until you think that is enough. You can do that for making the antenna and legs and another hands of the android. And, you can re-size them. Then, after your sketch is finish, you can add colors to its body. So, the android logo is ready.

Here are the screenshots of the steps of making these characters:

Click this –> characters

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