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Making a DIY Lamp
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Hi,guys! I assigned to make a DIY Lamp from the objects I have founded. I found my objects: a twigs and 2 owls doll. I inspired   by 2 owls on a twigs and lamps which handled on the tree

:owl lamp

So, I planned to combined them together. And here are the steps on making the owl DIY lamp:

1. 20150731_083201First, I need to prepare  for the materials, such as Patter papers, a 15 watt-17 watt light bulb, a 2 meters cable, wire, a lamp holder, a pliers, a screwdriver, and 2 owls doll.

20150801_220942Second, I need to set the cable which connected to the light bulb in the lamp holder. Before tie the copper cable into the lamp holder, I need to separate the 2 cables into 2 part. Then, tie the copper cable into the lamp holder. Use a screwdriver to open the screw to stick the cable. After you tie the copper cable into the lamp holder, you can use the screwdriver again to close the screw.

3. 20150730_11001820150730_110437Then, same thing as the step 2, you need to set the copper cable into the charge. Do the same thing as what i did in the step 2.

3. 20150731_07145820150731_07250720150731_072934Then, I need to prepare for the lamp decoration. I use the owls doll and the twigs. So, I planned to combine them together by sewing techniques.

20150731_082250Then, I tie a 1 meter rope on the owl’s head, in order to make the holder, so that the lamp can be hold on a nail.

5. 20150731_08133920150731_081418The 5th step, I tie the cable which has been connected to charge and the lamp holder on the twigs by using wire.

6. 20150731_083738The next step, I need to connected the light bulb with the lamp holder.

7. 20150805_07431820150805_07445320150805_08113420150805_085128Lastly, you can add some decorations. So, I did mine by using the pattern paper. I cut it into a rectangle shape, and I wrapped the light bulb and the lamp holder with the pattern paper, and then adding a 1 meter ribbon. To make it looks good, I cut the top of the paper into the blossom style. So it looks blooming.

Yeah, my DIY lamp is ready!! Here is the result:


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