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sywHi, guys! Today, I am going to share you about my opinion after reading this book.

SHOW YOUR WORK! Book is a book of motivation for people who hate the very idea of self-promotion. In ten tight chapters, Austin Kleon lays out ways to think about your work as a never-ending process, how to build an audience by sharing that process, and how to deal with the ups and downs of putting yourself and your work out in the world: you don’t have to be a genius, think process not product, share something small every day, open up your cabinet of curiosities, tell good stories, teach what you know, don’t turn into human spam, learn to take a punch, sell out, stick around.

In my opinion, creativity is not about you have to be a genius or talented, but about” the quality of the connections you make, and the conversations you start”. You can not make others know about what you do and the things you make, unless you share it to them.  Anyway, shaing about your creativity is important. With that, you can show your creative works, so that others can see it and even buy it.

Actually, the one of the important thing about your artwork is about the story behind your artwork itself . Sometimes, you might think that your concept is not even important and you just make it without planning and concept, but then you need to think that the concept is acually the one that makes your artwork unique in others’ eyes.  There are some kind of people who refers to know the concept and story behind your artwork rather than just see and buy it because the artwork is nice. On the other side, there is the matter about documentation. You can get more inspiration from documentation. Make lots of documentations. So that you can choose which is the best to be shared among people. Do not try to be cool. What you should do is to be honest with yourself and do whatever you want, because basically, your own way of making an artwork is your own creativity, and it is your unique. All people is creative in their own way, like for example a person draw a triangle, he or she might named this triangle is a mountain, or a tortilla chip, a stalagmite, etc in his or her variation of thinking about this triangle. If you want to share your idea among people, you need to think about the nice story and your way to share it. You need to be a good story-teller.

Another thing that I learned from this book is about to teach what you know. So that from this way, your skill might be more developed and you can remember it so long. Remembering your skills for a long term can help you to be able to produce some artworks from the combination of skills and experience that you have collected.

Another thing is about be a good respecter. It is a very important way to attract others to see your work. If you want your work to be respected by others, you need to respect others’ work too.

The other of the most important things is to ignore what others say which make you down, and just care about others’ opinion which make you developed. Your feelings is also affect your artwork. If you gain a very good mood, your artwork will be looks good too, while if you are in a bad mood, you will not satisfying with the result.

Then, the next thing is you can sell your work. Try to get your best sign, which is “SOLD OUT”. You can sell your work by a creative way, such as online shop (by internet). So that you do not need to stand in your shop along the day.

Creativity is about you try new things, and make it as simple as you can. Creativity does not need to be the difficult and too details. so keep making new things from your inspiration. Your inspiration comes from the things around you. From the tree beside you, from the place you were stay, and some other things. You can go using a subway car and stared at the window, trying to think about what new work will you do next.


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