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Unity&Variety in art and design
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Hi, guys! Today, I am going to tell you about my assignment result for today. So, my assignment this time is about to arrange the movement and meaning. Unity is a connection between the objects or captions with the artwork. Unity happens through continuation, proximity, surface treatment, repetition, and dominant color. And here are some of my experiments with the “meaning” arrangement:obc obd obl obr obtBeside Unity, there is “Variety”. Like what it is called, “Variety” its meaning is a variation which could be variation of lines, colors, the size of an object, and direction which have purpose to attract viewer’s interest to see the artwork. Here are the results:


These 2 objects have variation of colors and variation of size. The 3 bottle caps have blue colors, but the bottle has white color. These 2 objects form an arrangement of a movement.

11825213_1014846148534831_1926707631701981694_nThese 3 objects have different size with each other, but these 3 objects seem like have the same size with each other.

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