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Hi, guys! Did you ever make a jewellery from the things that rarely used for making jewellery? There are lots of found things that actually can be used for jewellery making.  Yesterday, I got an assignment about making jewellery from the materials which are rarely used for making jewellery. My teacher gave us choices of emotions which will express our jewellery later, and the options are: anger, love, and sorrow. I choose to experimenting on those 3 emotions. Anyway, here is my brainstorming of those 3 emotions:


unnamed10 unnamed11


Then, after thinking about what materials and themes will I use, i started to think the prototypes of my jewellery. So, firstly, I choose paperclips in order to describing “love” emotion, because I thought paperclips are unusual enough for making jewellery and I choose colorful paperclips, because I thought colorful will be able to describe love which is made your day colorful.

But, after thinking and thinking again, I thought paperclips do not strong enough to described love, because its material which sharp and can be stick together with the paper for a wile, because usually people then just throw them if they do not need the paperclips  anymore. That does not defined love. It can be defined “Sorrow”. So, I change my emotion to sorrow by using the same material, that is paperclips. Before that, I got the idea of the creature from michele ng on her website . I have the screenshot of the image:

For the shape of the paperclips, she pulls the larger triangle behind to the left and the front shorter triangle to the right. Then, she color it into a splash color by using spray paint and nail polish. And I was thinking of making the necklace from the neck to the chest with the materials : colorful paperclips and black straws which I found in my home. And this is the sketch of the necklace.


Why I decided to make the paperclips are colorful, but shaped abstract and disconnected with each other? Because, in my opinion, when a person is sad, sometimes he or she can not think well for a while, and his or her thinking is abstract and his or her day which is colorful was breaks down, like the colorful paperclips which are disconnected each other.

Next, I tried to make prototype of my jewellery, so that I have more options to choose:


And finally, my teacher choose the necklace with photographs, but I should use old photographs of my family members, which was taken on around 1950-1970, and I found my inspiration:

unnamed12 unnamed13

On week 10, I started to collecting my grandmother’s old photographs. I tried to find photographs with black and white filter. I also find my mom’s childhood photographs. I tried to find the photographs which closer to defining “Love”. I collected for about 20 photographs.

Then, I buy laminated paper in order to laminating the photographs. By using iron, I started to laminated the photographs. After that, I stick those laminated photographs with other photographs.


22 21



And, finally I am done with my jewellery making!!



And if you want to see my description about this jewellery making, you can click the button below:


Anyway, my teacher gave me feedback about the joint of the necklace without using glue. So, here is the sample:

Displaying 20150914_124007.jpg

Then, I try that at home. But, it is not success, because of I want to add more photographs into this necklace, so that it  is hard to be used. Here is the photo of my experiment:

Displaying 20150926_090634.jpg

Then, I saw my shopping bag ropes. I think shopping bag rope is strong enough. So, I use this as the joint of the necklace. So, I was collecting or about 20 photographs. Then, I laminated the photographs, and hole punch it with hole puncher, then I add some shopping bag ropes as the joint between each photographs. So, I sketch the necklace joint by using ropes:

Displaying 20150926_103509.jpg

Displaying 20150926_094345.jpg

Displaying 20150926_062809.jpg

Displaying 20150926_090441.jpg

This is the final result:


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