My arts journey starts here

Hi,guys! On tuesday, last week, I was studied about photoshop. I studied about how to make teeth brightness, how to fix a broken picture, how to decorate a photo with fonts, etc.

I would like to tell you about the functions of the tools in photoshop:

Move tool: allows you to move objects.

Measure tool: Used to measure length, width, angle, location of areas in your image.

Magnetic pen tool:Snap to the edge when you are making a selection.

Reselect command: Gives you the last selection border you made in the current work session.

Transform Selection:  To rotate, reshape, resize, and selection borders.

Layers: To see the layers you made.

Type layers: To make text and fonts.

Selection tool: To select the object

Clone stamp tool: allows you to duplicate part of an image.

Brush tool: It paints one your image, in whatever color you have selected, and whatever size you have selected.

Hand tool: It’s for moving your entire image within a window.

Zoom tool: allows to zoom into the image.

Clone stamp: And here is the screenshot of my works. So, you can click “screenshot” to see the steps.


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