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10 Typographers
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Fred Woodward

indexSince 1991, he working as a design-director in America/ He is best-known because of his legendary work in the Rolling Stone magazine. Then, now he is a president of society of publication of design.

I like this typographer, because he often combined his typeface with painting. I like the arrangement he made for his typefaces. His typefaces often closer with each other so that the typefaces can be fit in one place.


Paula Scher


Paula Scher was born in 1948 in Washington DC. She studied at the Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia. She went on to be the first female principal at illustrious design agency Pentagram and almost single-handedly define the look of New York’s cultural scene in the 1990s and beyond.Her style refers to bold imagery and she refers to use typography in an almost illustrative rather than print style and she continues to this day to push design boundaries and her own.She has been exhibited around the world, with her work having a permanent place in collections in New York, Washington, Denver, Zürich, and Paris.

I like this typographer, because she often use bold imagery and she refers to use typography in an almost illustrative. That what makes her typeface looks interesting. I like the way she make her typeface that is simple but its contains seems interesting to read. She can be able to cover that simple with words and simple illustration.


Rick Valicenti

rickvalicentiisawesomeHe is a President of the Society of Typographic Arts, board member for the Chicago AIGA chapter. He also the one of jury member for the President’s Design Awards under two previous administrations.Rick usually participates in college workshops,like recent ones at Cranbrook, and CalArts. He also designed some of today’s most recognised fonts such as Ultra Bronzo, Punch, and recent type designs in collaboration with his Thirstype partner, chester. These collaborative designs include, Infinity, Apex Sans and Apex Serif, and Alexey.

I like this typographer, because he often use unusual stuffs as his ideas in order to make a typeface. I like that way, because I am that kind of person who likes to make something by using unusual stuffs, moreover for making typeface. His typeface looks hard, but creative.


And here are the typographer background which I took from “Typography 15 The Annual of Type Directors Club” book:

20150915_145406I like this typographer, because he often use big letter in order to place and then connect to the tiny letters. So, it looks creative. I like the way he make his typeface which is neat and he often use Roman font in order to make the typeface, so that the typeface looks straight and tidy.


I like this typographer because her typeface looks so simple but it can be used for book cover or poster and I believe it has the concept behind each of her artwork. She often combining photographs with her typefaces. That what makes her artwork interesting.


I like this typographer, because she made variant of her artworks. She can use the combination of painting and words, she can combining stuffs to be stick in the typeface, and she often use neat fonts like Roman. She often use cursive letters on her artwork. That what makes her artworks look elegant.

IMG_20150915_1I like this typographer because he likes to do variation in his artwork. For example different type of fonts which he combined with other type of fonts, or different sizes,etc. I like to see variation so that it looks interesting for me.


I like this typographer because she likes to changing things to fonts. She likes to make neat typeface too. She often use grid layout in order to make her typeface looks like continuing to the next.

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