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Trip to Plaza Senayan
Categories: Intro to Typography

Hi, guys! Last week, I was visiting a shopping center called Plaza Senayan Mall. I was looking around the mall for the logos of each shops. I am interested of 8 logos. I am interested of those logos because those logos have their own meaning and the color and symbols that are easily to remember by others who see those logos. Here are the logos that I am interested on:

Then, I also looking for the interesting book covers. So, I went to a nearest bookstore from my pace where I was standing on, in the plaza senayan mall. I took the pictures of those book covers, and will sketch theme later. Here are the book covers which I am interested on:

I am interested on the typeface which used for making the titles for the books. The typefaces are variation. Each book covers have the image in order to connect them to the typeface (the title) of the book.

Anyway, Yesterday I was sketched those logos and the cover books too. Here is my sketches:


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