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Cylindrical lamp
Categories: Comping Techniques

Hi, guys! Last week, I was making a cylindrical lamp with pattern and doodles. I was inspired by an instagram account:

Some of my doodles, I inspired by that card, but for the other, I just do my own doodles. I was inspired by the painting on the wall which is with spray paint. Here are the materials:


-cutting mat

-duplex( the soft and elastic one)



-UHU glue

Here is my steps:


Firstly, I make my own pattern. My pattern is squares. I cut the squares by cutter. But before that, I need to measure the squares : 5cmx5cm20150827_090624

Then, I draw the patterns. I choose foodles and the ideas of that card which is made by an instagram account. I use markers so that the colors look clearly.20150827_090711

Then I stick the side in order to stick the end of the paper so that it won’t separatem20150827_091121

Then, it would looks like that.20150731_083201

Prepare for the electricity set: cable, wire, light bulb, etc).20150730_110018

Them, set the cable in order to connect it to the light bulb.20150801_220942

Here is the result. I have done my cylindrical lamp!!


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