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RUBIK cube DIY lamp
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Hi, guys! It is closer to week 13!! So, I got a final assignment to produce a DIY lamp, a manual instructions using japanese binding which contains about: the story, ideas, concept behind the lamp itself, and how to use the lamp. I need to produce also the ox and shopping bag to package my lamp.




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  1. Cutter
  2. Ruler
  3. Poster-colors
  4. Duplex cupboard
  5. UHU glue or Korean glue
  6. Cutting mat
  7. Pencil
  8. Erase
  9. black marker
1. Prepare for the material. In order to save the time, you need to make sure that the cutter you use is sharp enough to cut the duplex cupboard.

2. Use cutter, cutting mat, and ruler to cut the duplex into 5 parts (15cm x 15cm for each part).

Displaying 20150909_095409.jpgDisplaying 20150909_095454.jpg

3. Draw 3 lines to the bottom and 3 rows with black marker in order to make the rubik pattern, which is which is squares. 1 square= 5cm x 5cm. Do the same thing as this step to the other 4 squares.

Displaying 20150909_134124.jpgDisplaying 20150909_134205.jpg

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4. Now, use poster-colors to color the squares. Usually, Rubik cube colors are red, blue, green, orange, yellow, white, light green, and dark red or light brown.

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5. Compile the 4 parts of the cube together to form a cube. Use UHU glue or Korean glue to make their sides stick together with the other side.

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Displaying 20150909_154055.jpg

6. make a hole on the top of the cube in order to place the light bulb and so that the cable can pass through the top of the cube.


20150731_0832011. Prepare for the electricity set: cable, wire, light bulb, etc).20150730_110018

2. Them, set the cable in order to connect it to the light bulb.20150801_220942

3. Since I do not want the cable to be seen, so, I cover the cable with chains. I wrapped the chains around the cable.

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This is the final result of my DIY Lamp:




  1. Plastic duplex
  2. Glue gun
  3. Ruler
  4. Cutter
  5. Cutting mat
  6. Pencil
  7. Eraser
  8. Duplex cupboard
  9. Sticker
  10. Scissors


1.First, measure the plastic duplex as your lamp size. I did mine for about 20 cm x 20 cm. Make sure you make a cube nets.

Displaying 20150916_085147.jpg

2.Then, cut it using scissors.

Displaying 20150916_085200.jpg

3.Arrange the sides to form a cube

Displaying 20150916_085855.jpg

4.Use glue gun to stick them together.

Displaying 20150916_110226.jpg

5.In order to decorate the box, you can add some stickers. You can make it by yourself too.

Displaying 20150916_114238.jpg

Displaying 20150916_173352.jpg

6. Then, make the cap of the box. You need to measure the size of the box mouth first, then make the box cap. Make sure you leave a slight edge to be folded.

Displaying 20150916_174441.jpg

7. Then, cut it by cutter, and stick the edges by glue gun.

Displaying 20150916_174737.jpg

Displaying 20150916_175606.jpg

8. So, the box will looks like this:

Displaying 20150916_182355.jpg

Yesterday, I change my box style, because I think plastic duplex is easily soiled, and I want to remove those stickers which are stick on the edges of the box. So, I tried to use duplex, and color it with black color, but it seems not really good:

Displaying 20150918_130812.jpg

So, I use Samson paper in order to wrap my box. So, I did the same thing as what I did to my plastic duplex box in order to make my new plastic duplex box, but I just cover the sides of the box with Samson paper, but I was still using the old box cap which I made before. Here are te step-by-step of me on making the box:

1.First, I measure each of the box sides, and I was taking 25cm x 25cm, and I leaves 3 cm from each sides , so that the lamp gain more space inside the box.

Displaying 20150918_094538.jpgDisplaying 20150918_094600.jpgDisplaying 20150918_094629.jpg

2.Second, I draw a cube nets, so that I can imagine the position of Samson paper to be put on.

Displaying 20150918_130417.jpg3.Then, I draw and cut the Samson paper, following the next cube but with the measurement of 25cm x 25cm and leave 3 cm. After that, I wrap the box with that Samson paper which already cut.

Displaying 20150918_141855.jpg

4. Then, I draw Rubik squares on the box cap, and color it with poster-colors.

Displaying 20150918_142551.jpg

5.So, it will looks like this:

Displaying 20150918_145806.jpg

6. Next, I was designing a sticker as the logo to be put on the box. So, I was thinking about a kid with Rubik cube head, because it will expresses that the kid is a Rubik cube addict. I was using adobe photoshop to make it.

Displaying 20150918_145901.jpg

7. Since I want to make a sticker, so I use Sticker Glossy Photopaper

Displaying 20150918_150014.jpg

8. Then, I stick the sticker on one of the box side.

Displaying 20150918_150652.jpg

9. Next, I was trying to tidy the Samson paper up.

Displaying 20150918_150725.jpg

10. Finally, the box is ready to be used!!!!

Displaying 20150918_165221.jpg


unnamed (1)

First, you need fold the manila paper into 2 parts.
unnamed (2)

Then, you need to slightly folded the 2 edges of the paper. After that, you need to fold the lower part of that half of the paper and add a strong glue on the edge of the lower part of the paper.

unnamed (3)

Then, fold the paper again so that it is square shape.

unnamed (4)

After that, you can add the strong glue again in order to stick the edge of the side of the paper. unnamed (5)

Then, you need to fold the bottom part of the paper bag like this:unnamed (6) unnamed (7) unnamed (8) unnamed (9)

Last, add ropes on the 2 sides of the paper bag in order to make it easy to carry.



unnamed (10)


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