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Trip to Local Fest Grand Indonesia
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Hi, guys! Last 2 weeks, I went to Grand Indonesia Mall to visit an exhibition called Local Fest. It is the biggest urban creative festival.

There are lots of booth which present culinary, fashion, art, music, and lifestyle. I collected the documentations by took some pictures of the things that are interesting for me.

Anyway, in this festival, I was visiting an art exhibition with theme “SMILE”. These are some pictures which was taken by me in that art exhibition:

Displaying 20150904_111121.jpgDisplaying 20150904_110936.jpg

Displaying 20150904_110922.jpgDisplaying 20150904_110748.jpg

Displaying 20150904_110313.jpgDisplaying 20150904_110425.jpg

Displaying 20150904_110555.jpg

Displaying Snapchat-5593789956287831261.jpgDisplaying Snapchat-5209125596594940701.jpg

Displaying 20150904_110359.jpg

Then, I was walking around the festival venue to see the other booths. I was taken some photographs of the unique stuffs, one of the most inspiring booth for me is this booth:

Displaying Snapchat-1341464615831383488.jpgDisplaying Snapchat--6419334228412725094.jpg

I inspired by the way of using unusual things, such as baskets. Then, you can think about what would be a useful stuff to be created. Next, you can modify the baskets by adding something to make that useful stuff and to make it interesting, like what did the designer do to the baskets in the pictures above. He/she thinks about making a chair. So, by using the baskets, in order to make the people able to sit, the designer pit a pillow on the basket. I like the booth display too. It seems creative with the information and booth name on a black board, and they arrange the display like table and chairs displayed together, so that the customers can know what those basket chairs can be used for.

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