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Making Creation With Theme of Hieroglyphs

Hi,guys! I am going to show you about my creation with theme of hieroglyphs. So, I decided to make a notebook with the theme of hieroglyphs, using rock textured papers. Then, i will draw and write the hieroglyphs alphabets on it.

Here is the hieroglyphic alphabets:


These are the sample of rock textures I have chosen:

images (1)

This will be for the papers


This will be for the notebook cover

The next step, I will send the step-by-step later.

But, after thinking and thinking, I think this is not interesting enough to be made. So, I change the instrument and try to make something digitally. So, I was inspired by a ladder which connected to a door. L

Then, I was thinking about a child who move to an egyptian hieroglyphs island by entering a door and through a ladder. So, I use this as the background:


Then, start working on adobe photoshop in order to combine all those things together in one image.


Here is the result:


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