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Drawing fruits cutting
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Hi,guys! Last week, I got an assignment to fraw fruit after cutting it in order to learb about planar technique. So, I cut my fruits first. Try to cut it into an interesting shape and interesting planar. Screenshot_2015-11-12-10-37-06

Then, starting to draw the shapes which forming the fruits:


As you can see, cutting fruit may result planar style when you started to draw it. So, I was starting to draw the fruits with planar technique. Just do it without erasing it. Then, after the fruits were starting to formed, you can erase the planar lines, so that it may looks better. Try to make it as proportional as you can, and pay attention to the distance between the paper and the fruits.

After fixing the position and the shadow part, here is the result:



Line drawing


Light and Dark drawing

My teacher turns off the light bulb in our class, and then he turns on a DIY lamp beside the fruits, so that the light and dark parts of the fruits occur.


Planar drawing

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