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Walt Disney Character Face

Hi,guys! On the last 3 weeks, I got an assignment to swab a person’s face to walt disney character’s face. So, I got a painting of a person which carrying a can. The task is to change her face to walt disney character’s face. Here are some disney characters I would prefer to use:

“Jessie” Toy Story:

71rb7Lu0bzL._SL1500_ Jessie_(Toy_Story) Revoltech-Toy-Story-Jessie-010 toy-story-2-jessie-334550 Toy-Story-Jessie-Revoltech-Figure-with-Sad-Face-e1378392273769

“Mike Swarovski” Montster Inc:

684909654_o img-thing (2) xy093_sc592_mike

Before that, in order to make me easy to draw the face, I use tip-X to erase the person’s face. Then, I fotocopy the painting. The last thing I do is to draw the disney character’s face on the person’s face.

This is one of the result:


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