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Exhibition at Gudang Sarina

Hi, guys! 2 days ago, I and my friends were visiting an exhibition about culture in Gudang sarina, Pancoran. Here, we learn about the installations aand meanings for each of the artworks. Here are some pictures of the artworks:

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The most interesting artwork for me is this one:


Its theme is “Otakku Meledak”, which means brain explode. Most stuffs present in this installation are the piece of daily needs stuffs, such as toys, biscuit cans, plates, power supply and cables which forming a stuff in order to present a bomb, etc. The style of this installation is quite abstract which has the meaning of the abstract thinking when someone is in stress. The background is abstract too, and restricted with police line, which means it is dangerous.

The second installation that inspires me is this one:


The title of this installation is “Pray”. The artist is trying to communicate about a farmer who is praying to got abundant harvest. So, the space is wrapped with plastic which means the farmer wants a quite moment and can not be disturbed by others and there is some plastics forming some sacks which tell the viewers that the person who is praying is a farmer. Also, the plastic wrapping sides is full of children’s drawings which means the farmer always thinking about his/her children while he or she is also thinking about the harvest. Most stuffs in this installations is using plastics and oil paint, and it is simple but amazing.

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