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Piet Mandarian’s artwork

Hi,guys! Today, I am going to show you about my weekly assignment in contextual and cultural relief class. So, last week, my teacher was telling us about the style of artwork on products, such as posters, composition, typography, etc. So, as the homework, he asks us to make an artwork by using one of those artwork, we can choose one of them.

I choose Piet Mandarian’s artwork, which titled “Composition With Red Blue Yellow 2”. I am interested on it, because it looks simple but looks nice too, and of course there must be a meaning behind this artwork.

Composition with Red Blue Yellow 2

Then, I found a photograph that interests me on making the artwork. It looks cool with this makeup style:


Then, I started to scan a drawing of a woman into my laptop, and starting to do it with “paint” software.

Here is the step by step of me while doing this: (click the button below)


As you can see, it is like make up on a person’s face, but it is really fun to do for you who love to make over. Here is the result of the work:


So, I prefer to use dots technique, so that it will looks interesting and different, bu for the hair, I prefer to paint it rather than doing the dots, in order to make it different from the face and the neck, so that it will not confusing when people see it.

But, suddenly, I was thinking about making a drawing manually with pencil and charcoal. So, I was attracted by hand and nail polish. “What if I try to make a drawing of a hand with a nail art with theme of Composition of Red Blue Yellow? “. From that thing, I began to make an outline of a hand using a pencil. Here is the step by step of me on doing this:

index4 index3 index2 index

In my opinion, Piet Mondarian’s artworks are more about playing with colors, and its meanings. He loves to play with lines, shapes, and sbstracts. Sometimes, it was just simple but it must have a meaning behind it. The most famous artwork he made was the “Composition II in Red, Blue, and yellow”. It has an abstract genre and used oil technique. It is a variation on the picture of the preceding year., at least in so far as the linear framework is concerned. For that very reason the subtle differences, in the work, (the subdivision of the left strip of the painting into 3 unequal rectangles, one of which is the blue square are all the more remarkable). Especially, noteworthy in his artwork is the large red square in the upper right corner, which is like the white square in the painting of the previous year, it bounded by only 2 lines within the pointing and thus has a tendency to grow further, in rhythmic ¬†expansion, beyond the edge of the canvas.

The large area of a brilliant primary red gives the work a stong accent in the major mode.

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