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1 book of movement

Hi,guys! I got an assignment to do “Book of Movement) which will be submitted on week 12. So, my teacher asked me to choose one of the art movements. I choose Pop Art, because I would like to try different thing that I rarely do, such as making something about Pop Art and Abstract Expressionism.

  • The term Pop-Art was invented by British curator Lawrence Allowayin 1955, to describe a new form of “Popular” art – a movement characterized by the imagery of consumerismand popular culture.

  • Pop-Art emerged in both New York and London during the mid-1950s and became the dominant avant-garde style until the late 1960s

  • British and American pop artists employed imagery found in comic strips, soup cans, soda bottles, and other commonplace objects to express formal abstract relationships

  • Pop Art is said to have dissolved the division between fine arts and commercial art.

  • Andy Warhol, one of the most famous pop artists used a photo-realistic print making technique called seriagraphy to design his commentaries on advertising, fame, and media.

  • The movement was pioneered by Eduardo Paolozzi and Richard Hamilton, members of the Independent Group in London in 1950s.

  • In the early sixties, Pop Art travelled overseas to the United States and was seen in the work of a number of famous artists of the time including big names such as Robert Rauschenberg, Roy Lichtenstein, and Jim Dine.

  • Pop Art in the United States primarily developed as a response to the wealth of the post-World War 2 era and the growing consumerism and materialism across the country.

  • Subjects were often adapted from celebrities, comic strips, advertising and product packaging. The images were then redefined and presented with a blend of irony, criticism, and humor. This process made Pop Art a style of everyday, contemporary lifestyle and also helped shrink the gap that existed between low and high art, eliminating the difference between methods of commercial and fine art.


Nowadays, Pop Art became a trend among people. There are several areas that got influenced by Pop Art Movement, such as fashion, make up, packaging, advertising, In my opinion, Pop Art style is Characterized by bold, simple, everyday imagery, and vibrant block colors, it was interesting to look at and had a modern “hip” feel. In my opinion, Pop Art is more about teenagers trend, because, most of Pop Art artwork use various light color, such as yellow, green, light red, etc , which expressed “cheerful”. Pop Art is something fun to be seen and to be made. You can play with transition colors, such as light, medium, and dark. I love the way Andy Warhol on making his drawings using his own rubber stamps and blotted line technique, because it sounds unique and simple, but creative. I agreed of Andy Warhol’s statement which states that “making money is art and working is art, and good business is the best art.” , because everything can be said to be an “art”. Today’s people prefer to follow trends. So that during Pop Art movement, some areas may got influenced by Pop Art movement, such as fashion, branding, packaging, interior and architecture, and other areas. Now, Pop Art movement can be expressed on everything.

Here are the moodboard of the area that affects by pop art:


collage3 parisamerica


roy-1 acb253b92dd004916a5ff83a16255bf1

architecturekuggen-arquitectos-wingardh-arkitektkontor httpsartitudeusj.wordpress.comcategorycontemporary-art-influences


interior interior2 interior3 interior4


u4Btscw maxresdefault lex-pop-art-featured1



packagingf1915b5c07d9cbe34b85bdde520797d2 download images popart 3599934557_858c2e0382_o picture-71For making the book, I need to design for the layout. I have 3 concepts : Comic book concept, magazine concept and Pop Up concept. – (Click the button below)


I was planning to make magazine layout after getting some magazine layout inspirations:

guy6 92129 Magazine - Feb-Mar - Family copy magazine-book-layout-inspiration-3-550x343

Timeline :

I choose to make a timeline that presents the journey of Pop Art movement. So, I found the timeline from 1950s until 1970. Here is the timeline:

Mid 1950s: Pop Art was born in Britain

1952-1953: The first application of the term Pop Art occurred

1955: The term Pop-Art was invented by British curator Lawrence Alloway

1960s:became the dominant avant-garde style

1962 (July): Andy Warhol has his first solo show

1962 (November): warhol exhibits Marilyn Dirtych

1968 (June): Warhol is shot

1970s : Pop Art, for the most part, completed the Modernist movement

I was trying some different concepts to make the timeline. I choose 3 concepts: a tree timeline, a timeline that hold by clothespins, and a timeline using “areca nut climbing” concept.

Clothespin-School-Days_sm cuoc-thi-ki-la-tren-TG6_1 tree-537x358

Here is the result:


But, I got some critics and feedbacks from my friends:

-“Maybe it will be good if you change the fonts to something like ‘Sans Serif'”

-“The background is too plain. Add something else!”

-“I think it would be good if you do not use sticker for the title”

“Maybe it would be good if you change the color of the papers, because Pop Art movement is more like using various colors”

So, I change the timeline. Here is my step-by-step on making the new timeline: (click the button below)

timeline process


The third assignment that must be done on week 12 is including an artwork that applying the movement I have chosen. I choose Pop Art movement, so that I should make an artwork of Pop Art movement, but I am still thinking about “Should I make a logo or a poster?” because I like to make both of them. Anyway, I have done a thumbnail of my piece:

abstract copy

I was thinking about making an artwork which combined Abstract Expressionism and Pop Art movement, because they are related. So, I choose to make a half-face of a person with Abstract art and a half-face of the same person with Pop Art.

I was planning to make a candy packaging. So, i found a tiny glass container with a wood cap on it and then print the logo sticker and put it on the container. So, it may be looks like this:


But, my teacher asks me to change the artwork. So, I made a poster. I was planning to make a poster which include a painting of Marylin Monroe in digital. My teacher asks me to change Marylin Monroe’s face into someone’s face. First, I tried to find a photograph of a person, but finally I used my own selfie photograph. By using adobe photoshop, I change the image levels, so that it looks more like a pop art. Then, I have to add 2 more layers. For the hair, I select the Marylin Monroe’s hair and then paste it to my artwork, so that my hair in my artwork looks similar with Marylin Monroe’s. For the make up, I use brush tool. Here is my step-by-step on making the artwork: (click the button below)

screenshot step artwork

Then, finally I have finished my artwork:

8385c45e-4159-41c4-9bfb-c2b5b3862a6d 8dd08f28-efbf-4e05-b70d-819fb1a9d296

Yesterday was the exhibition and presentation day. So, I got some feedbacks from my friends and teacher:

-try to make the slide as simple as possible and add some pictures on the presentation so that it looks more interesting

-try to practice your presentation a bit, so that it would be better

-put some dolls or toys for the timeline. Maybe it could be interesting

I have a picture of my booth during the presentation:


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