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Philo Art Space and Dia.Lo.Gue Art Space

Hi,guys! last week, I was visiting 2 art spaces, they are Philo Art Space and DIA.LO.GUE Art Space. These 2 places are interesting enough to be visited.

The first place I visited was DIA.LO.GUE artspace. I was planning to take some pictures of me on a ladder which is really famous in social media, but in the end I have no time to do that, because I have to go to the other place on that day.
paper02This place is actually a cafe, an art space, and a shop. This place showing about the art of conversation. They said that” food and art are two bipolar subjects but there is no reason why they should be mutually exclusive”.


This is one of the installations in the art space, titled “Chaos In Order”, made by Cempaka Sura kusumah. It is a silicon rubber and polymer clay installation, was made on 2015. Atist Statement:

Through cooking, all of our physical senses are at work, hearing, smelling, feeling, seeing, and testing. As all our senses are active, this makes us aware of ourselves and indirectly forces us to be present in the now and pull ourselves away from negative thoughts. When we worry,our emotions are said to be in a state of chaos, they are uncertain and cannot be described. Contrastingly, when we cook, there are steps that force us to be in a state of order. In this work, I’m trying to illustrate this “chaos”  in order. The chaotic mess of feelings turned into beauty through the cooking process”

the second art space I visited was Philo Art Space. 2ec31ca7-ff5a-42ac-bff5-725d3942b8e1





This painting is titled “Make War for Peace”, by Erizal AS.  It was made using acrylic, charcoal & pastel on canvas and was made on 2015. This is one of my favourite painting in this art space. I can feel the meaning of this painting which is making war in order to get peace. The combination of colors and painting instrument are unexpected. Few people using the combination of acrylic, charcoal & pastel on one canvas. But it results a very nice painting.


This painting is titled “symphony of Peace”;Cellist Series. It was made using acrylic, paint marker on canvas. It was made on 2015. This is one of my favourite painting. I like abstract and colorful painting. This painting is telling about the peace by an elaborate musical composition for full orchestra.

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This painting titled “Hunt”, by Edward Bonaparte”. It using ink on canvas. It was made on 2015. It is a good painting, because only using ink on canvas can be really nice like this. The artist was really careful on making the painting and very neat.


This painting is titled “Faceless Series#7”. It using acrylic, charcoal & pastel on canvas. It was made on 2012. The idea is really good, because i is also containing abstract expressionism on the face with the combination of colors which showing about faceless.


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