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Clutter Drawing
Categories: Drawing Technique

Hi,guys! yesterday, I got an assignment to draw a clutter situation for the final project in class. First, I need to tell you what clutter drawing is. Clutter drawing is a drawing of something that untidily placed. So, my teacher asked me to collect my own images of clutter situation.

DSC_1340 DSC_1341 DSC_1342

Then, I choose the third image to be drawn. My teacher gave us 2 options: drawing with charcoal and eraser , or with paper collage. I choose charcoal. In order to make me easy to draw it, I decided to turns the image filter to black and white filter, so that I could expose the negative space of the drawing.



Then, I started to draw the shapes on my impression of the stuffs, and then draw the tones. It doe not have to be really detail, because it is just a clutter drawing. For example the book. I do not need to write its title. So far, this is the result, but I am going to finish it next week:


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