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Hi,guys! Today i am going to talk about Surrealism. I would like to tell you my view and analysis about Surrealism.

Surrealism is a cultural movement that began in the early 1920 s. It is the best known for its virtual artworks and writings. It often used for visual communication needs. The purpose of this movement is to resolve the previously contradictory conditions. of dream and reality. It is quite interesting for me, because we can play with something that never there before. We can do communication visually using drawing. Surrealism can be said to be “Fantasy”, because we can use our fantasy ideas in order to communicate about what are we going to tell to others. We can relate something with the thing which is unexpected but has a meaning behind it.

surrealism-and-how-it-is-used-today-1346849650_b images (1) surrealism

One of the surrealism artist is Salvador Dali. He is perhaps best known for his painting of melting clocks, The Persistence of Memory,  showing melting clocks in a landscape setting.


In the 1920s, he went to Paris and began interacting with artists such as  Picasso, Magritte and Miró, which led to Dalí’s first Surrealist phase. He subscribed to Surrealist Andre Breton’s theory of authorism. He is the one who created a Lobster telephone.


He also designing sculpture, Jewellery, with diamonds, golds, etc. Then, he moved to fashion design of surrealism. On 1944, Dali designed a dark film for dream sequence. On 1946, he arrived in Walt Disney studio. He likes to work in commercial poster, such as Chupa Chups.

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