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Developing process
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Hi,guys! This week, I and my friend got an assignment to develop the stuffs we made last week. So, from the things we made from the scenario assignment, we should choose the best one. We choose the patch art, that is the multifunction cutlery. First, we were planning to make a video advertisement, but we change the plan. So, we are going to make a postcard.

I was planning to make it in vector or illustration from the photo of the cutlery using adobe photoshop. I will tell the function of each of the cutlery and the way of using it.

Here are the step-by-step of making it: (click the button below)

step by step

After the design finished, it is time for thinking about the printing stuff. So, I was planning to print it on glossy greeting card paper, because I thought the material is similar with postcard paper.

Here is the design:

postcard copy




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