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Scenario Assignment
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Hi,guys! Last week I and my friend got an assignment to do scenario assignment. Our teacher gaves us a scenario paper assignment, and we should choose 3 scenarios.back of things

Back of things

In my opinion, back of things can be defined as the things behind the things. So, we use

disguise an object

Disguise an object

In my opinion, disguise an object can be defined as an object that looks like another object. So, we use a broccoli to express a tree.

  extreme foreshortenings

Extreme foreshortenings

In my opinion, extreme foreshortenings can be said to be something perspective. So, for this scenario, my friend only has to find the perspective angle and take a picture of it.

uncharacteristic view

Uncharacteristic view

In my opinion, uncharacteristic view means the view that does not have characteristic or can be said to be abstract. So, my friend use this water puddle to express uncharacteristic view. As you can see, the puddle does not shaped anything, and looks not obvious.



In my opinion, underneath is the things under another thing.  As you can see, there are some plants under the whole, with the iron composition on the top.



I choose to do patch art, because I think it would be fun and interesting to do. So, I found fault chopsticks, and planning to make something useful using those fault chopsticks. So, I was thinking of combining them with spoon and fork, so that it will be simple and multifunction. So, here is the result:



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