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Double Expossure


 1. Select the model or use pen tool. If you use pen tool, then select make selection and set it to “5” and then click “OK”

2. CTRL+J to duplicate layer

3. Create a new layer

4. Bring it below the model layer

5. Rename this new layer if needed.

6. Select the white background layer you just made

7. CTRL+backspace to fill the background color

8. Create a new adjustment layer. Then select Black and White

9. Select the clipping mask, then hit the hidden button.

10. Prepare your other picture. Select the move tool to move the other picture, then drag and drop it to the model. Make sure to release the clipping mask if needed

11. Hit CTRL+T to select the image

12. Resize if needed, so that you can fit it to the model.

13. Bring down the opacity level so you can see behind the second picture as well

14. Cring the opacity level back up to 100%

15. CTRL+click on the thumbnail of the model to make the selection. Make sure you are still on the second image layer.

17. Then head down and select the mask tool.

18. Change the blending mode of the second picture to “Lighten”

19. You can try the other blending mode, such as soft light, hard light, screen, etc.

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