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Torsten Schrank-Character Designer

Designer’s Profile : Torsten earned a Bachelor of Traditional Animation at the Film Academy HFF “Konrad Wolf” in Potsdam, Germany. After his graduation, he trained himself in workshops like “Acting for Animators” with Ed Hooks and Training Programs like “Character Animation” at the former Walt Disney Feature Animation Paris, (Personal Mentor: Borja Montoro). Since then he has been working as Character Designer for several animated feature film projects, TV-Series, commercials and games across Europe, North America and Asia. He is specialized in the creation of stylized character designs and visual development for animation and illustration. He is skilled in all aspects of character design from initial sketches to final design and model pack (Turnaround Sheet (2D and T- or V-Pose for modeling), Facial Expression, Posing, Mouth Charts, Color rendering 2D and 3D-Look).

Clients: Warner Animation Group, Sony Pictures Animation, The Spa Studios, The Neuland, Reel FX, Axis Animation, Anima Vitae, Spin, Master, Flaunt, Rainbow, etc.


  • – Present (2 months)- Studio 100 media, Feature Film “Maya- The Bee 2”
  • Freelance Character Designer– Sony Animation Picture, (2 months)
  • Character Designer- Reel FX, (4 months) Feature Film Development TBA
  • Freelance Character Designer– Hahn Film, February 2016 – March 2016 (2 months)
  • TV-Series Development- Freelance Character Designer– NBC Universal Media, LLC-

    February 2016 – February 2016 (1 month)

  • Pre-School TV-Series Development- Freelance Character Designer– The Neuland, May 2015 – January 2016 (9 months) ( Character Designer (Character Model Sheets): “The W.I.S.H. Police” (ReelFX) , Various Feature Film projects at ReelFX, Projects TBA)

  • Character Designer- Warner Bros- March 2015 – June 2015 (4 months)


Work Portfolio: 3e5415_6f4b639892e24a3f97353768a1c51a87 3e5415_51786e58b7064d2caeb343e5a1dfdaba 3e5415_a3af9551fdeb47e19a4588726243c2cb 3e5415_a642adfc86684397beef765217a545c2 3e5415_a7777e29ce2746b082637f878db155cc 3e5415_ca2d8a0a5704415a82234c9ea6e49a08 3e5415_ca62b27b9e714ba1ac68d5c48c840197 3e5415_d01f816c49f14859b6e8cbbb25834c79 3e5415_d46f52143536438c8dece303d78cab02 3e5415_da642b621ab14d66be157ea59976ba56

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