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Formulate a project

Objective : To develop learners’s skills of independent enquiry by undertaking a sustined investigation of direct relevance to their vocational, academic and professional development.

Topic : Create a prohect with a theme “What we can do for a better world, better future, for the next generations and us”


What is a better world for me?

  • Love
  • Fun
  • Happy Life
  • Healthy Food
  • Healthy Drink
  • Peaceful
  • Respect
  • Comfortable
  • Enjoyable


Problem Existed In This World

Social :

  • Depression
  • The increasing of global population
  • Cyber crime


Economic :

  • Barriers to education
  • Hunger and lack of clean water
  • Energy Availability


Politics :

  • Child abuse
  • International terrorism
  • Kidnap


Culture :

  • Local language threatened with extinction


Causes & Efects – Social Issues


1. Depression

Causes : Life events, coping strategies, genetic factors, personality styles, chronic illness (such as epilepsy, diabetes, or heart diseases

Effects: Untreated depression often lead to decreased productivity of both at work and with everyday tasks, missed workdays, physical and emotional disability, may impair adherence to treatment and self-care regimens


2. The Increasing of Global Population

Causes : Decline in the death rate, better medical facilities, more hand to overcome poverty, technological advancement to fertility treatment, immigration, lack of family planning

Effects : Depletion of natural resources, degradation of environment, conflicts and wars, rise in unemployment, high cost of living


3. Cyber Crime

Causes : Unlimited internet access, negligence of computer users, weak network security system, lack of attention to the public and law enforcement

Effects : Hacking, theft, cyber stalking, Identity theft, child soliciting and abuse, malicious software


Causes & Efects – Economical Issues


1. Barriers to Education

Causes : A lack of funding for education, having no teacher or having an untrained teacher, no classroom, a lack f learning materials, the exclusion of children with disabilities, living in a country in conflict or at risk of confli

Effects : Lack of education can lead to serious effects on children and adults and can affect health, living conditions, and social solutions. Many issues arise in a community due to a lack of education, such as teen pregnancy, gang violence, theft, drug use, and other crimes happen more frequently in uneducated settings


2, Hunger and Lack of Clean Water

Causes : No access to a reliable source of water because of poor water management

Effects : Foods is hard to grow and even more difficult to preserve and prepare that results to hunger and lack of consuming water, then can lead to diseases and deaths


3. Availability of Energy

Causes : Overcosumption of energy, overpopulation, poor infrastructure, unexplored renewable energy options, wastage of energy (Using maxing daylight, not switching off fans, etc. )

Effects : Pollution, energy shortage, load shedding and breakdown, frequent tripping


Causes & Efects – Political Issues


1. Child Abuse

Causes : Immaturity, unrealistic expectations, emotial problems, economical crisis, lack of parenting knowledge, difficulty in relationships, depression

Effects : Pysical effects (bruises, broken bones, etc.), phsycological effects (low self-esteem, depressio, relationship difficulties)


2. International Terrorism

Causes : Social & Political injustice, the belief that violence or its threat will be effective, religious, Illiteracy

Effects : Economic impact (Loss of life, infrastructure, and business), society impact (create atmosphere of suspiction, fear and panic all around), politic impact (makes world politics more complicated and difficult)


3. Kidnap

Causes : Depression, unemploymet, Illiteracy, religion, greed, politics, corruption, poverty

Effects : Phsycological trauma, lack of trust, fear


Causes & Efects – Cultural Issues


1. Local Languages Are Threatened With Extinction

 Causes : Wars, natural disasters. So, during the inter-tribal welfare and one of the tribes lost, maybe it will run out, or he is forced not to use the hallmark of his culture

Effects : The most serious was interethnic marriages and urbanization. If the people of the region migrated to the capital, he will be hard to maintain regional language because it must adapt. Second, interethnic marriages, because of their ethnic language will be sacrificed. Language partner may also be sacrificed, then use the Indonesian language








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