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Design Lab Company Visit

Design Lab Studio – Company Visit


DesignLab is a visual correspondence plan firm established in Jakarta in 1998, as a component of Panasia Group Bandung. The ability persistently develops to answer outline challenges in various extensions, for example, marking, bundling, writing, and other visual specialized devices.

The Work Process

  1. First, they welcome the client to brief them about the project the client want to do.
  2. Based on the brief, they will prepare a project proposal that includes scheduling and budgeting.
  3. After your approval for the project proposal, they will present to the client the first phase of design development within 10 to 15 working days, depending on the complexity of the project. The first phase is about basic concept and ideas.
  4. They make sure the client decide firmly of the client’s chosen concept within the first phase. Then, they will continue with the next phase which include visual execution and completion of the project. Once they are in the second phase, they cannot conduct anymore changes for the basic concept and ideas.
  5. Any revision will need time depending on the complexity of the changes you request.
  6. After the client’s approval for the design, they will provide the client with a final artwork file, ready for production.
  7. After the client have received the final artwork, they cannot conduct anymore changes to the design.

Free pitching is fundamentally unfair because it underrates the value of our resources, time, and effort. Based on our professional experience, the best work happens through trust and commitment.

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