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Exercise 1 “Formulate a project” – Identifying the issue

Objective : To develop learners’ skills of independent enquiry by undertaking a sustained investigation of direct relevance to their vocational, academic and professional development.

Topic : Create a project with a theme :



Causes & Efects

 Social Issues


  1. Depression


Causes : Life events, coping strategies, genetic factors, personality styles, chronic illness (such as epilepsy, diabetes, or heart disease)


Effects: Untreated depression often lead to decreased productivity of both at work and with everyday tasks, missed workdays, physical and emotional disability, may impair adherence to treatment and self-care regimens


  1. The Increasing of Global Population


Causes : Decline in the death rate, better medical facilities, more hand to overcome poverty, technological advancement to fertility treatment, immigration, lack of family planning


Effects : Depletion of natural resources, degradation of environment, conflicts and wars, rise in unemployment, high cost of living


  1. Cyber Crime


Causes : Unlimited internet access, negligence of computer users, weak network security system, lack of attention to the public and law enforcement


Effects : Hacking, theft, cyber stalking, Identity theft, child soliciting and abuse, malicious software


Causes & Efects – Economical Issues


  1. Barriers to Education


Causes : A lack of funding for education, having no teacher or having an untrained teacher, no classroom, a lack f learning materials, the exclusion of children with disabilities, living in a country in conflict or at risk of conflict


Effects : Lack of education can lead to serious effects on children and adults and can affect health, living conditions, and social solutions. Many issues arise in a community due to a lack of education, such as teen pregnancy, gang violence, theft, drug use, and other crimes happen more frequently in uneducated settings


  1. Hunger and Lack of Clean Water


Causes : No access to a reliable source of water because of poor water management


Effects : Foods is hard to grow and even more difficult to preserve and prepare that results to hunger and lack of consuming water, then can lead to diseases and deaths


  1. Availability of Energy


Causes : Overcosumption of energy, overpopulation, poor infrastructure, unexplored renewable energy options, wastage of energy (Using maxing daylight, not switching off fans, etc. )


Effects : Pollution, energy shortage, load shedding and breakdown, frequent tripping












Causes & Efects – Political Issues


  1. Child Abuse


Causes : Immaturity, unrealistic expectations, emotial problems, economical crisis, lack of parenting knowledge, difficulty in relationships, depression


Effects : Pysical effects (bruises, broken bones, etc.), phsycological effects (low self-esteem, depressio, relationship difficulties)


  1. International Terrorism


Causes : Social & Political injustice, the belief that violence or its threat will be effective, religious, Illiteracy


Effects : Economic impact (Loss of life, infrastructure, and business), society impact (create atmosphere of suspiction, fear and panic all around), politic impact (makes world politics more complicated and difficult)


  1. Kidnap


Causes : Depression, unemploymet, Illiteracy, religion, greed, politics, corruption, poverty


Effects : Phsycological trauma, lack of trust, fear


Solutions – Social Issues


  1. The Increasing of Global Population

Solutions :


  • Making people aware of family planning, because as population of this world is growing at a rapid pace, raising awareness among people regarding family planning and letting them know about serious after effects of overpopulation can help curb population growth. So, one of the best way is to let them know about various safe sex techniques and contraceptives methods available to avoid any unwanted pregnancy.


  • Tax benefits, Government of various countries might have to come with various policies related to tax exemptions to curb overpopulation. One of them might be to waive of certain part of income tax or lowering rates of income tax for those married couples who have single or 2 children as we humans are more inclined towards money, this may produce some positive results.


  1. Depression

Solutions :


  • With the help of a specialist. Advice provided by a specialist can be very helpful. Treatment given aims to improve the biological mechanisms in the mindset that allows a person to feel depressed.
  • Change your outlook and mindset. By changing the mindset of those w.ho suffer from depression, you can create long-term protection against depression
  • Accepting Yourself and Your weakness. If you are not able to cope with depression alone and if your efforts do not succeed, the best thing you can do is to accept the shortage. Rather than trying to change your life by force, you have to accept yourself as you are, with what you feel and concentrate on the things you are capable of doing.
  • Share stories to the people closest to you about the matter at hand. This may help reduce the depression. It will make a person feeling better.


  1. Cyber Crime

Solutions :

  • Keep your computer current with the latest patches and updates. One of the best ways to keep attackers away from your computer is to apply patches and other software fixes when they become available. By regularly updating your computer, you block attackers from being able to take advantage of software flaws (vulnerabilities) that they could otherwise use to break into your system.
  • Ensure your PC is arranged safely. Remember that a recently bought PC might not have the right level of security for you. When you are introducing your PC at home, focus to making your new framework work, as well as concentrate on making it work safely.
  • Choose strong passwords and keep them safe. Passwords are a fact of life on the Internet today, we use them for everything from ordering flowers and online banking to logging into our favorite airline Web site to see how many miles we have accumulated.
  • Secure your own data. Practice alert when sharing individual data, for example, your name, personal residence, telephone number, and email address on the web. To exploit numerous online administrations, you will unavoidably need to give individual data keeping in mind the end goal to handle charging and dispatching of acquired products.


Solutions – Economical Issues


  1. Barriers to Education

Solutions :


  • Developing countries on education, aiming to close the global education funding gap.


  1. Hunger and Lack of Drinking Water

Solutions :



  • To give sustainable food. This is important because if we do this we can see that the people in hunger situation could create and supply their own food.
    Donating food. Donating both food and cash has a huge impact on world hunger
  • Teaching people about birth control. High birthrates can cause a bigger problem to solve world hunger.


Lack of Drinking Water

  • To donate money. With this money you donated you can construct water producing wind turbines. With these when the wind blows clean water can be created.
  • Atmospheric Water Generators. With these machines they can collect up to 28 liters of clean water everyday.
  • A sewage of drinking water. With these you can put not clean water into the machine. This machine will filter the water and capture all particles to make the water clean.


  1. Availability of Energy

Solutions :


  • Increase Renewable Energy. Renewable energy is a viable, reasonable answer for our power needs. By sloping up renewable vitality, we can: decrease air contamination, cut global warming emissions, make new employments and businesses, differentiate our energy supply, diminish reliance on coal and other fossil powers. We have the innovations and assets to dependably create no less than 40 percent of our power from renewable vitality sources inside the following 20 years, and 80 percent by 2050.


Solutions – Political Issues


  1. Child Abuse


  • Help your children to protect themselve. Give understanding and teach children to reject any acts of indecent immediately left where a touch occurs. Remind children not to trust strangers easily and for children to always tell if something happened to them.
  • Debriefing martial arts. Debriefing martial arts can be a solution in order to prevent children to become a victim of violence. In addition is to teach children about the discipline and mental shape is also physically strong, self-defense can be used to defend themselves from the threats that exist. But still must be briefed that the martial art is to learn not to commit violence.
  • Maximize the Role of School. Schools should have the function of social control, the school has an assessment (assessment) on children’s behavior. Schools also should initiate internal school activities that are positive.
  • Character Education. One solution to prevent the moral crisis that hit in the next generation is to teach manners, both at home and at school. As we know, moral education is still uneven and has not really become a compulsory subject in all schools.
  • Report it to the authorities. The last thing to do when there is physical violence, psychological, sexual or is immediately reported to the authorities. It is intended that further action be taken against the suspects and reducing the crime rate was the same. As for the victims of violence should immediately get medical expert help and support from family.
  1. International Terrorism


  • Establish a joint movement. In order to encourage action that is more moderate and tolerant.
  • Unity of the international community. The international community must continue to unite in facing the challenges of extremism and terrorism increases. Therefore, the network has been cross-border terrorism group. Therefore, the world has no choice but to continue working together.
  • The role of women. Because, as the mother of women played a key role in educating children. Therefore, they must continue to be empowered to promote a culture of moderation and tolerance, so as to form a moderate and tolerant society.
  1. Kidnap


  • Training anti-kidnapping agents. Any general public that needs to battle hijacking effectively ought to contract and prepare able individuals to battle the issue. At the point when law authorization offices are effectively included, the frequency of the wrongdoing is diminished.
  • Young children should:
  1. never say they are alone if they answer the phone: they can offer to take a message or say their parents will phone back.
  2. never answer the door if they are alone.
  3. not invite anyone into the house without the permission of a parent or babysitter.
  4. not go into people’s houses without letting anyone know where they are.
  5. never get into anyone’s car without permission.
  6. not take candy or other gifts from strangers or anyone else without asking a parent first.
  7. never play in deserted buildings or isolated areas.
  8. scream and scatter books and belongings if they are forced toward a building or car.
  9. move away from a car that pulls up beside them if they do not know the driver.
  10. be taught their full telephone number and address.
  11. be taught that it’s all right to say ‘no’ to an adult if the person wants them to do something you’ve taught them is wrong.
  12. know that no one has the right to touch any part of their bodies that a bathing suit would cover.
  13. tell you, school authorities or a police officer about anyone who exposes private parts.
  14. tell you if someone has asked them to keep a secret from you.
  15. go to the nearest cashier if lost or separated from you in a store or mall.
  • Teens should:
  1. tell you where they are at all times or leave a written or recorded message at home.
  2. never hitchhike.
  3. avoid shortcuts through empty parks, fields, laneways or alleys.
  4. run home or go to the nearest public place and yell for help if they are being followed.
  5. learn to recognize suspicious behavior and remember a description of the person or vehicle to give you or the police. Write the plate number in the dirt or snow if nothing else is available.
  6. if attacked for money, jewelry or clothing give it up rather than risk injury.
  7. feel that they can talk to you and call you to pick them up any time, any place.
  • Parents should:
  1. avoid clothing and toys with your child’s name on it. A child is less likely to fear someone that knows his/her name.
  2. check all potential babysitters and older friends of your child.
  3. never leave a child alone in a public place, stroller or car. Not even for a minute.
  4. always accompany young children to the bathroom in a public place and advise them never to play in or around the area.
  5. always accompany your child on door-to-door activities, i.e. hallowe’en, school fundraising campaigns, etc.
  6. point out safe houses or homes with the Block Parent sign where children can go if they are in trouble.
  7. keep an up-to-date colour photograph of your child, a medical and dental history, and have your child fingerprinted.


Solutions – Cultural Issues


  1. Local Languages Are Threatened With Extinction
  • Invite people to watch movies in the language of their respective regions
  • Get used to write and speak the local language in a fun way,















Causes & Efects – Cultural Issues


  1. Local Languages Are Threatened With Extinction


Causes : Wars, natural disasters. So, during the inter-tribal welfare and one of the tribes lost, maybe it will run out, or he is forced not to use the hallmark of his culture


Effects : The most serious was interethnic marriages and urbanization. If the people of the region migrated to the capital, he will be hard to maintain regional language because it must adapt. Second, interethnic marriages, because of their ethnic language will be sacrificed. Language partner may also be sacrificed, then use the Indonesian language



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