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Spiky Chili Flakes Packaging
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Nowadays, most of Indonesian boys can not eat without Chili Flakes as the flavor addition, although the other percentage of boys who are not consuming Chili Flakes due to the packaging design that is not too attractive. Most teenage boys also need something to boost their immunity, decrease blood pressure, vitamin B components, reduces symptomps of aging, fight infections when they got injured (especially for the active boys, and keeping their hair and skin strong and vibrant .

The approach is to make a simple Chili Flakes packaging design with 4 variants that looks fun and gentle, also to attract boys who do not like consuming Chili Flakes to try consume it through an attractive Chili Flakes packaging design.

The target audience is teenage boys from age 15-19 years old, especially for those active boys who love challenge. Based on the interview I did about targetting teenagers, there are several characteristics most teenagers have. They are trying to be cool, simple, hyperactive, bold, often spent money for unimportant things, and easily influenced by others. What is so special about teeagers is that it is easy to prey on teenagers because they have many insecurities, are prone to peer pressure, have a desire “fit in” or “be cool” and respond well humour.Teens are considered the largest customer demographic or grouping of people that buy things. Teens are thought to have disposable income or money that can can be spent on luxury goods you do not really need. Teenagers are also greatly influenced by peers, establishing brand loyalty.

The chosen name for my packaging is “Spiky”. Why? Because, I want to relate the name with the effects of consuming my chili flakes product. My chili flakes product contains 55% – 69% of dried chili which gives the high level of spiciness which gives sharp and hot sensation. So, I was thinking that “Sharp” and “Hot” will relate to something sharp, and the thigs related to the term “Sharp” could be the term “Spike”.Finally ,I think that the name suitable for this is “Spiky”.

Spiky can be defined as having sharp points. In order to represents the term “Spiky” in my brand, I was thinking of combining sharp thing (needle), tongue dance, something strong and masculine (using muscle as the symbol), and the sense of playful. The sharp part applied in the typeface. I use a sharp font named “High On Fire”. It gives sharp and and dangerous look and feel which is suitable to describe the effect of consuming thos product which gives sharp taste and makes the consumer feel like their tongue spiky and dancing. For the strong and masculine feel, it applied in the color of the brand, which is black to represent masculinity. There are actually several masculine colors, such as brown, blue, gray, red and green. Brown color is one of the most neutral of colors that balancing out stronger colors, that also associated with nature, trees, and wood which is suitable to describe the chili resource that came from nature. Gray color is a neutral color that can enhance and intensify any other color it surrounds, and can enhance the psychological response of the other colors it supports. Blue color represents peacefull and calmness, but also represents masculinity. Red color gives the impression of gentle, seriousness and dignity. While green represents freedom and contrast. Overall, the black color is the most suitable to represent “Strong” and “Masculine”, because black color is associated with ellegance, sharp, and gentle, also contrasts with most colors quite well, and it promotes distincition and clarity in the image. Lastly, the term “Playful” applied in “Chili Flakes” writing in the brand which gives a sense of fun and cheers. I use a playful font named “Patrick Hand”. Why I relate “Playful” in my brand? It is because the product relates to teenage boys activity (Challenge) which creates fun and friendship.

The second is the packaging illustration. I was thinking about several things that relate to “Spikes”, such as sewing tools, spiky fruits, spiky animals, spiky toys, foods, and place. Finally, my chosen concept for the illustration is Spiky part of animals. My animals illustration range from the less malignant animal to the most malignant animal. Why is that so? Because, it could be illustrated as the variant level of the chili flakes product which range from the ordinary spicy to the most spicy variant. I choose Cod fish as the illustration of my ordinary spicy variant, chicken as the very spicy variant, dragon as the hellish spicy variant, and crocodile as the new variant of my product that is Spicy Seaweed. Cod Fish is a less malignant animal, chicken is not too malignant, and dragon is the malignant. While crocodile is actually as malignant as dragon but not as malignant as dragon, so, I was thinking of placing it in the Spicy Seaweed variant.

For the Cod Fish, the spiky part is the Spiny Rays. For the Chicken the spiky part is its comb, while for the Dragon the spiky part is its Spine part. Last, the spiky part of the Crocodile is its Scaly Skin.

My Chili Flakes product will gives different level of spiciness. So, I made different expression for each characters. I made a slightly calm that combined with fear expression on the Cod Fish’s face. A fear and shock expression on the chicken’s face, and the most shock and face pungency on the dragon’s face. While for Spicy Seaweed variant, I made the crocodile expression just slightly shock and calm because it contains the combination of spiciness and piquancy of the seaweed.

I choose 2 types of blue color for the Original Spicy variant, because blue color represents peacefulness and calmness which is suitable enough to represent the “Original” spicy. Blue color reprsents water and ocean which is the habitat of Cod Fish.

For the “Very Spicy” variant, I prefer using red and orange colors, because it creates distinction in representing high level of spiciness. Red gives impression pf seriousness and cognity, represents heat, fire, and rage, and it is known to escalate the body’s metabolism which appropriate enough to represents the purpose of consuming the Chili Flakes (keep the body’s metabolism stable). Orange color is symbolic of endurance, strength, and ambition. It can represent the fire and flame. Orange is said to also have intensified in its closeness to the color red.

For the “Helish Spicy” variant, I choose gray and yellow, to represent hellish and overconsumed. If a human consumes a high percentage of chili, it will leads to a dryness in the throat and tongue. Gray is a suitable color to represents the term “Dryness”. While the role of yellow color here is to represents “Shockness” du to consuming the high level of spiciness. Yellow is the first color the human eye notices and symbolizes deity which is suitable enough to describe the product as a “Spice Deity”.

The last is “Spicy Seaweed” variant. I prefer using green color, because I want to relate with the combination of the color of crocodile and the color of seaweed. Green is the most restful color for human eyes, It’s the universal color of nature which is suitable enough to be related to Seaweed as a natural product. Green is said to also represents ghastliness which is suitable to represent the malignant of both Crocodile and the spiciness of the product.

Finally, for the packaging bottle, I thought that the customers need something more simple, so that they can bring the Chili Flakes packaging everywhere they go. My choice focused on a thin and straight packaging shape with a medium size, so that the consumers can put the packaging in theor bag or even fit in their pocket.

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