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My portfolio & 4 Best Artworks Process
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Holla! My name’s Almira Velika Nufirwan, but people usually called me Almira. This portfolio book was made prior to graduating from Unisadhuguna International College of Design. I enjoy fun design. I would say that my forte are branding, animation, photography, and illustration. My portfolio book consists of my artworks and designs that shows my strengths and style.

I have several characteristics in my designs. One of them is cheerful but deep. Scratch, doodle, and bright colors are mostly applied in my designs. Through this portfolio, I want to show the audience about my strengths. It will be a great pleasure for me if there is any benefits that the audience can get after exploring my portfolio, maybe get inspirations or turn their good mood back.

The concept of my portfolio is Problem Solving, because I love to solve problem and love to challenge myself. I was connecting the concept to my portfolio by telling the objectives and the solutions in each project, with the relation to “Maze”. A maze characterized by a path or collection of paths, typically from an entrance to a goal, the same thing as problem solving.

So, here is the link of my portfolio :

After this portfolio was made, my lecturer asked me to upload my 4 best artworks with the process of each artwork. These 4 best artwork process was made prior to applying for universities in the UK. I choose my best artworks from Corporate Identity class (Artwork title: Perum Perhutani), Packaging Design class (Artwork title: Spiky Chili Flakes Packaging), Ideas in Context class (Artwork title: Monggo Gallery), and Project Design Implementation class (Artwork title: SOS Bees Campaign). This process showing my step-by-step on making my artworks.


Perum Perhutani

The project is to re-brand the logo of Perum Perhutani in the forest sector, which includes the logo, graphic standard manual book, website, and merchandise. Perum Perhutani is State Owned Enterprise (SOE) woods which oversees woodland assets in Java and Madura. It has a vital part to bolster ecological supportability, social-cultural, and economy national society. The logo concept is based on the vision and mission of the company and its meanings behind its recent logo. The tree imagery visualised Sycamore tree. The Blue, green, and orange leaves forming “starman” symbolised every line in Perum Perhutani that professionalised in cooperating vigorously to reach the goal of the company. The bright orange color symbolised the core that gives energy to the whole elements around it. The yellow color symbolised the harvest which provide abundant crops for the welfare of the people, either in the form of food and feed. The blue color visualised the purity of water that flow in the forest, giving life to everything in its path, which is able to give the energy to life. The “Perhutani” and “Perusahaan Perhutanan” writing represents the earth and the whole natural resources in above and below it.


The process of rebranding Perum Perhutani (Click on the image to zoom in)






Monggo Gallery

The objective is to create a brand identity of a fictional local art gallery of Indonesia, which includes the gallery equipments. Monggo is a fictional painting gallery with the sense of traditional Old Mataram that can create an aura of comfort for studying. Since the concept is nature and traditional, the Monggo logo was inspired by one of Indonesian Mataram ornament named “Batik Parang”, and colored gold to show how valuable education is.


The process of branding Monggo Gallery (Click on the image to zoom in)





Spiky Chili Flakes

The aim of this project is to attract boys who do not like consuming chili flakes to try consume it through an attractive chili flakes packaging design. Since the target audience is teenage boys from age 15-19, I decided to apply strong and bright colors. I use animals with spiky body part as the packaging concept, because Spiky can be defined as having sharp points.

The process of making Spiky Chili Flakes packaging (Click on the image to zoom in)






SOS Bees Campaign

For sustainable agriculture, bees are playing important role. Sos Bees company want to persuade individuals to start supporting bees by planting bee-friendly plants. The idea is to re-design the logo and to design a packaging of seeds and fertilizers of different kind of plants.

The logo showing the decreased in the food source when bees are in decline. The concept of the packaging is cooperate. Because, we humans already in comfort zone, which is in urban, where everything is fast and instant, while bees need a lot of time to adapt to new environment, it is good for both bees and humans to cooperate together, nature, and urban. Since the target audience is teenagers from age 13-18, urban style is applied.




The process of making Sos Bees seeds packaging (Click on the image to zoom in)

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