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Holla! My name’s Almira Velika Nufirwan, but people usually called me Almira. This portfolio book was made prior to graduating from Unisadhuguna International College of Design. I enjoy fun design. I would say that my forte are branding, animation, photography, and illustration. My portfolio book consists of my artworks and designs that shows my strengths […]

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Hi,guys! Today i am going to talk about Surrealism. I would like to tell you my view and analysis about Surrealism. Surrealism is a cultural movement that began in the early 1920 s. It is the best known for its virtual artworks and writings. It often used for visual communication needs. The purpose of this […]

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Hi, guys! Today, I am going to tell you about my assignment result for today. So, my assignment this time is about to arrange the movement and meaning. Unity is a connection between the objects or captions with the artwork. Unity happens through continuation, proximity, surface treatment, repetition, and dominant color. And here are some […]

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